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My monster has been waiting many many MANY years to escape. He’s been festering, boiling, pacing, and banging on the hatch..I usually gag him and isolate him in the hole…(somewhere in my head) and welllll… 2 days ago the flood gates busted wide open and he escaped.¬† There is no fixing it this time…so he’s here to stay.

Today I began a drawing¬† journal…a place for “his” feelings to go. I think he is happy.

Here is the manifestation of that. Dont judge me…my drawing skills are a bit crude but that is ALSO part of his and my growth….witness the progression

“My Monster” journal



Angry Poo Monster


Meet My Monster

Feeling Fucking Small

Fix Me


Everything Inside Me


I am an aspiring artist….at least thats what I keep telling myself.